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Australian Pop Rock band Kaleidoscope were one of Adelaide's success stories in the late 90's/early 2000s. Fronted by Kylie Cowling on vocals and bass, Craig Lewis on guitar and production, Kaleidoscope released two EP's "The Lemon Tree" 1997 and "Private Eyes" 1999 (with drummer Scott Lawrance), and two albums, "Deli Girl" 2002 (with drummer Steve Shier) and "Voluptua" in 2003. 

The trio recieved loads of airplay on triple J in those years, with the tracks "Short String", "System Shutdown", "Slot Car Slut", "Just Around The Corner", "Earthmover" and "Taking Things too Far", recording a live at the wireless set in 2002. 

"Photographs" is a collection of their best tracks from those four physical releases. It showcases the depth and talent of the band, worthy of a place in today's digital marketplace.

Kaleidoscope also have a stack of unreleased songs we plan to bring to you in the coming months, meanwhile let the band take you on a journey with this compilation of their most outstanding tracks.

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