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OUT NOW! The "New" Black and Blue by Diva Demolition

The 1971 song “Black and Blue” was Mushroom Records first Number one hit. It put Aussie Blues Rock on the map. It’s a well-loved song by many, and is still performed today by the originals artists, Matt Taylor and Chain. No other blues band has influenced Australian culture in such a way. These guys are the Godfathers of Aussie Blues Rock! So it is only fitting that such a legendary song should re-emerge to recapture the spirit and energy of Rock’n’Blues music in today’s marketplace.


The new version of Matt Taylor and Chain’s “Black & Blue” comes from a different perspective. Featuring the original singer and Harpist, Matt Taylor as well as vocalist/bass player Amanda Emblem. (Diva Demolition/The Amanda Emblem Experiment), the two teamed up with Diva Demolition to rework and record the song late last year as a duet, with the encouragement of Mitchell Creek Rock and Blues Festival Promoter, Jimmy Budgen, maneuvered by a mutual friend and music industry Guru, Eric Ericson. 


The reworked version is true to the original. It still tells the story of a man incarcerated for “ten long years”, but encompasses the perspective of the woman left behind, coping with the consequences. This slight change in perspective is subtle, but somehow brings the song to a new contemporary place, whereas previously it related mostly to the convict era of Australia, on a chain gang, carrying a pick and shovel. Those days were very hard, but now so distant in our memories.


Produced by one of Australia’s finest rock producers, Paul McKercher and mastered by Steve Smart at Studio 301, Sydney, “Black and Blue” was recorded over two days at the Grove Studios and the result is a very smooth, slow building, a blues rock gem.


Matt Taylor & Chain invited Amanda Emblem on the stage at Mitchell Creek Rock’n’Blues Festival to officially launch the new single. Take a look at the video clip on You Tube




“Played Amanda Emblem and Matt Taylor on ‘Rock & Blues Downunder’ today with Irene B’

What an awesome track. Lots of great feedback ”  Irene R. Barrett (Cairns FM, QLD)


“Great Revamp of an oldie - Good to hear the original sound in the background; great female voice to push it along” Dave Barker (Dave’s Blues Mix, Star FM, St Helens, TAS)


“The feedback I've received is all favourable…. I was impressed. Of course Matt's a legend!!!” 

Kev Woon (Big Bad Kev's 'Blues Roots N Boogie' 5gtr-fm SA)

“Excellent material for my show, particularly if I'm wanting to have a female voice.  Having

Matt on the recording adds to the interest when backtrack announcing

the song.  Look forward to some more Diva Demolition!” Chris Spencer (OCRFM Lorne, Vic.)


“A very tasteful and quite respectful cover of what is an iconic Australian song. Whoever came up with the idea of using Matt Taylor deserves a biscuit; fans of the original are instantly interested.” Steven Stroud (Artsound FM Canberra)


“I received a copy of the new Black and Blue prior to my show last week and gave it some airplay straight after Chains original recording. Good job, certainly adds another element to the original.”

 Steve Pike (Spoonful Of Blues 92.1 RTRFM Perth)

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